Parents of University Students

Parent FAQ

What an exciting time for your student!  We are looking forward to providing an meaningful and potentially life-changing experience.  This is an important investment in the education of our young adults in our increasingly complex and global world.  (Dr. Sherwood here…my daughter will be participating in Costa Rica at the same time in a high school level program.  I can’t wait for her to join in at the university level!).

We know this is a big investment of time and money.  We want to be sure to provide you with the answers you need.  While we are not able to discuss the performance of your student in class due to privacy laws, we are more than happy to discuss aspects of the program with you!  Feel free to be in touch directly with Dr. Sherwood at:

What will my student be doing?  Itinerary

Your student will be learning, meeting new people, trying new foods and having a lot of fun!  This is an intensive course so many of the days are full.  In time off, your student will be studying, hanging out with other participants and exploring the area.

What is the customizable third week?

We’ve added in an optional third week that students can customize for learning and broadening their experience.  Students will travel within Costa Rica (the program requires them to stay in country) where they will study an area of interest first hand.  Instructors will be available 24/7 via digital/telephone means to provide support and all travel insurance remains in place.  Thus, students will have a safety net during the entire time. Prior to going, all students will design and submit their personal itinerary to Dr. Sherwood and the staff at UPEACE.

How safe is it?

Costa Rica is quite safe.  Normal caution should be exercised and all students will have access to local experts who will give advice.  Additionally, the tap water is clean and the incidence of malaria is low and the health care system is excellent.  (See Lonely Planet’s assessment of Costa Rica and Health).  Note that excellent travelers insurance is included with the fee (we had to use this last year in China for an injury and it worked perfectly…we were charged no deductible and were able to contact doctors in the USA).

The phone and internet system is good and students can be in regular contact with home as you all arrange.

The hotel in Ciudad Colon is safe, has internet and includes breakfast…and instructors are staying on site and available 24/7.

Can my student fly down with an instructor?

Yes!  Kristine Baker will be available to lead those that would like to travel with a staff member.  Just ask for more info.

Why does it cost this much?

The costs of the program are mainly broken into these parts:

  • WWU Instructor Costs,
  • Fee to our partner UPEACE for lodging/food/facilities/transportation and one instructor,
  • tuition and then
  • expenses like insurance.
  • See the budget for more information.  There will be no required books and students are already finding deals on airfare.


Who are the instructors?

Check out our profiles!

Why are there professionals included?

We believe that interactions with professionals is a great part of student learning experiences.  We expect that a handful of amazing global professionals to join us.  The majority of participants will be university students.