Costa Rica

Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation:

Social Sector Edition-Costa Rica

For University Students and Professionals

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Details: Itinerary, Certificate, Faculty, Costs



Choose two or three weeks!
Dates-Structured Course:  June 24-July 5 (with optional additional week-see below)
Additional Customizable Week (Optional): July 6-July 13: For just the minimal costs of lodging and food (we estimate $250-$450), add on an additional week that you can customize with your fellow students for travel and learning in Costa Rica.  While the instructors will provide guidance, this is your chance to design your learning and adventure!  For those not opting in for the additional week, there will be learning opportunities online.

Certificate: Global Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

All participants who complete requirements will be awarded the Global Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate from the Centre for Executive Education at University for Peace and the IDEA Institute at Western Washington University.  Check out UPeace Center for Executive Education!

Facilitators: Faculty, Instructors, Coaches and Guides

Meet the Facilitators who are your Faculty, Instructors, Coaches and Guides!



JLD headshot
Julia Delafield, Director UPEACE Centre for Executive Education




Art Sherwood, Director, IDEA Institute



Kristine Baker, MBA





Costs:  Students and Professionals

Scholarships will be available for a limited number of students and professionals. Please inquire with Dr. Sherwood. 


For Credit=$4525 (excludes airfare) for the 4 credit 300 level ENTR course assuming in-state tuition.  Inquire about out of state tuition rates.  If you choose to stay for the additional week, you will have an additional estimated $250-$450 in expenses for lodging and food.
Students choosing the non-credit option will save $1000!


The cost for professionals (anyone not currently attending a university at least half-time) is $4525 (excluding airfare).  The program design is built through the lens of the professional.  The experience will be the same for all participants and professionals will also be eligible be awarded the certificate.  University students earning credit will fulfill additional requirements.