Daily Itinerary

Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Social Sector Edition in Costa Rica (Draft)


Day Morning   Afternoon
Sunday June 24 Welcome!

Arrival day and settle into hotel in Ciudad Colon

Optional Evening Social Gathering



6/25 UPeace: UN-mandated University for Peace


  • Welcome to UPEACE and overview of week
  • Guidelines for Engagement
  • Background on UPEACE
  • Teambuilding and Leadership activities
  • What is entrepreneurship and innovation?  What is the Social Sector?


Campus tour and hike to peace monument


Positive Leadership

This half-day workshop will boil down a 3-day professional development program that we offer at the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education. We’ll cover:


  • Positive Psychology – intro to PERMA, and how it relates to organizational leaders
  • Understanding your conflict resolution style
  • Finding ‘flow’
  • Intro to Design Thinking and Venture Modeling and preparation for our first field visit
6/26 Field Visit #1: Bean Voyage & Sustainable Coffee Intro

We’ll spend the day with the new entrepreneurial venture Bean Voyage. Bean Voyage seeks to help women coffee farmers receive fair wages by cutting the middlemen out of the coffee industry. They have established a direct trade model that concentrates not only growing, but also the processing and roasting in the hands of local Costa Rican communities. We’ll visit some of Bean Voyage’s producers, and also hear their story of creation for the business. We will begin to apply design thinking and venture modeling.


6/27 UPeace: Restorative Justice and the Use of Circles — with Miguel Tello

The workshop will explore the idea of restorative justice as a conflict-resolution technique that can be applied in organizational settings to resolve conflicts or help in times of change. We will learn about the history and fundamentals of the restorative justice concept as compared to criminal justice, and will learn practical approaches for use. After examining concepts of vulnerability and empathy, we’ll put circles to use, doing our own circles and establishing strong bonds as a group.


Empathy Deep Dives

We will dig deeper into design thinking and venture modeling, with an emphasis on conducting progressive empathy deep dives.


6/28 Field Visit #2: Boy with a Ball


BWAB is a global non-profit organization. In Costa Rica, their programs focus on empowering vulnerable communities from within. They use entrepreneurial thinking and ventures to help supplement their grant funding. We will visit an immigrant squatter community where they work, and will then do a ‘walk-about’ and learn about their educational programs. Finally, we’ll visit a small enterprise fighting to take root in this low-income neighborhood.


After experiencing the organization in the morning, in the afternoon we will meet with the Director of Boy with a Ball to get an overview of the organization and its global scope. We’ll have a chance to ask questions and learn about the operations, wins, and challenges they face, allowing students a unique and in-depth look into the organization, continuing our deep dive using design thinking and venture modeling.


6/29 Field Visit #3: EquinoLideres – Horse Therapy/Leadership project

We’ll visit a nearby horse farm that offers horse therapy to local children with disabilities. They are a social business, supplementing income with leadership trainings for executives. We will both receive a talk from the founder of this program and have the opportunity to experience the leadership training techniques offered there.

The day’s program will include a talk from the founder of EquinoLideres, Gustavo Morataya about his journey as a social entrepreneur and his reasoning for setting up the organization. The goal of this experience is twofold: 1. Personal growth through leadership training with horses; and 2. To learn as much as possible about the structure, purpose, challenges and successes of EquinoLideres.  We will continue to develop our work with design thinking and venture modeling with a focus on defining problems and rapid prototyping.


6/30 Field Visit #4: Florex site visit

Florex is an eco-friendly company that produces and distributes environmentally-friendly cleaning products in Costa Rica. They were the first cleaning product industry to be certified carbon-neutral in the country, and they work hard not only to minimize the effect their products have on the environment, but also to improve all areas of production and distribution so as to reduce their footprint.


UPeace: Preparation for Upcoming Field Visits

Team time

Flex time to be designed to meet participant needs.

7/1 Field Visit #5: Tarcoles Sustainable Fishing Village

On the way to Manuel Antonio, we will spend the day at Tarcoles, a community renowned for its sustainable fishing practices. They have worked with Conservation International to improve practices and form a cooperative structure to safeguard sustainable fishing in their community. They will talk to us about their journey as leaders in the fight for sustainable fishing regulations. Includes hands-on experience on a fishing boat.


Drive to Manuel Antonio


Check into hotel in Manuel Antonio.



7/2 Pura Vida Day in Manuel Antonio Nacional Park

This is a free day at that beach! Feel free to go into the beautiful national park for a hike and a swim, to lounge on the beach, or to use this day to try out zip lining or other nearby options.


7/3 Team and group work on feedback for EquinoLideres Return to Ciudad Colon
7/4 Field Visit #6: EquinoLideres – Part 2

We will be joined by Gustavo Morataya, and students will present back to him on his organization and feedback on his challenges.


UPeace: Closing Celebration!
July 5 Departure Day
July 6-July 13 Two Options

Option 1:  In-country cultural immersion and exploration or entrepreneurship and innovation (extra cost)

Option 2:  On own, complete research project on culturally specific topic in entrepreneurship and innovation (included)